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Hey Guys! I’m Jen and am living the Florida life here in Southwest Florida on the gulf side with my daughter. I’ve been living here for 8 years and I absolutely love it. I have a great job, a great family, and totally love the tropical vibes. I’m only about 20 minutes from the beach!! What’s NOT to love? This blog is all about my home state of Florida and everything surrounding me.

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My love of all things tropical started even before I moved to Florida. I knew I wanted to surround myself with beautiful things and live the life I’d always dreamed of. I can only encourage you to do the same! Take that chance and do what you want. This is your one and only life, so enjoy it! They have a saying down here in Florida. When someone asks how you are doing, you reply “I’m living my BEST life!”. I feel that 100%. Life your life to the fullest and be thankful of every single, beautiful moment!

Besides enjoying the salty air and the feel of the ocean around my feet, I also love all things fashion! I’ve created this site to share what I love with you. Whether you’re looking to move to Florida or another warm state, love traveling to Florida, or you’re simply dreaming (of the future!), I invite you to sit on back and enjoy the ride as you read our blog. Check out what my site has to offer with pretty outfits, dresses, shoes, accessories and more with a tropical beach theme! I’ll also keep you up-to-date on my latest travel adventures and reviews of local places. Don’t miss out on living the Florida life with me!

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    Nice to meet you!!

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      Thank you so much for the comment! We love our new readers and it is so very nice to meet you!

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