How to Dress in Florida During Winter

How should you dress in Florida during Winter? I hear this question all the time from people who are planning to come here on vacation! Totally understandable! If you’re traveling to Florida, you want to be prepared for whatever season you’re coming for, and also for how long you plan to stay. Coming in spring or summer is an obvious type of answer of how to dress, but winter time is very different!

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Planning for the Weather

To start off, you have to know exactly when your vacation is going to be. The way you dress in October is totally different than how you dress in January! To give you an example, I’m sitting here in the last week of October and it was a high of more than 90* outside today. It usually doesn’t cool down until mid November. And, when I’m talking about a “cool down”, I’m talking about being able to open up your windows to the high 70’s temps.

Usually the cold snaps start at the end of December and go until the end of February. That’s when the temps tends to fluctuate. It could be a high of 80* one week, and the next week, be in the 60’s or the dreaded 50’s (that’s when Floridians freeze – legit!). Luckily, we only get these cold snaps one or two weeks out of the year, but it’s difficult to tell when they’re coming! It might also be much cooler in the morning and warm up by lunch time.

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Layering Your Clothing

If you’re coming in winter, I would suggest bringing at least one zip up jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt that matches all your other clothes. Layering is going to be your friend! However, you will never need that heavy down parka that you’ve used every winter up north. I have one of those that I keep for visits back to my home state of Illinois, but I’ve never worn it in Florida at all! Once you have packed at least one warm jacket or sweater, make sure you have at least one pair of jeans or long pants, no matter how long you’re staying. You may never wear them, but if you do come when it’s a bit chilly, you’ll be glad you have them.

In addition to a jacket and one long pair of pants, you’ll also want to pack a good supply of t-shirts. Forgo the tank tops in winter, just because it’s easier to pack t-shirts when you’re anticipating mild weather. And, if you’re a woman, I would suggest one dress if you’re planning an evening out. The shoes you wear depend on the occasion, but I would recommend at least one pair of sandals and one pair of tennis shoes at the very least.

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Enjoy Your Trip!

Planing a trip to Florida is super fun! I hope this list of suggested items helps you learn how to dress in Florida during winter. Remember to bring that jacket or sweater that matches everything and you’re gold! Have a great time in Florida, and don’t forget your swimsuit. Even if it’s cold, you’re still going to need a bit of Florida sunshine! If you have any suggestions on how to pack for Florida during the winter, let us know in the comments below!

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